Mehul S Dholiya

A Computer Engineer who loves programming.

About Me

I’m Mehul Suresh Dholiya, A Student In The Fourth Year Of Undergraduate Study For A Bachelor of Engineering degree (BE) in Computer Engineering at Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering.

I'm Interested To Work As Software Developer. I have Done Software Developer Internship From Verdantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I love Programming And Problem Solving On Various Platforms Like Code Chef, HackerRank In My Free Time.



Percentage : 85.40%


HSC Science
(2013 - 2015)

Percentage : 70%


BE Computer Engineering
Mumbai University
(2015 - 2019)

Average CGPA : 8.3


Software Developer Paid Internship at a Product based company Verdantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.

Worked on JAVA projects based on Three Tier Architecture, File handling and Multi-Threading.Learned uses of various Technologies like Collection Frameworks, Apache POI, JAVA itext library, log4j, etc. Also Learned industry practices and conventions.

From : 4th June 2018 to 6th July 2018

Founder & President Code Yantra

CodeChef campus chapter of Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering.


Code-Yantra is the official programming Committee at Shree L.R Tiwari college of engineering Collaborated with CodeChef. The purpose of the committee is to spread awareness about programming and help students enhance their coding skills further.

Having gone through the first year of Engineering without any significant exposure to programming outside the syllabus, I, Mehul.S. Dholiya student of computer engineering felt the need to initiate a committee for programming. So, I Started a first-ever student’s programming (coding) committee of the college on 24/10/2016 with the CodeChef and named it as ‘CODE-YANTRA’ to signify the mystical and intriguing nature of programming.

My Roles And Responsibilities :

  • Conducting Lectures on Programming and teaching various Algorithms and Data Structures.
  • Problem/Quiz setting for coding Contest.
  • Organising Events/Workshops/Contests on Programming.
  • Team Management
  • Sending Reports to Codechef

CodeChef - Codefeast Contest

Written Questions (problems) for Codefeast contest hosted on CodeChef on 15/02/2018.

Problem Code:

Problem Code:

Problem Code:

Campus Representative

International Student Organisation - ShARE

Jan 2017 - April 2017

❝ You might not think that programmers are artists,but programming
is an extremely creative profession. It's logic-based creativity. ❞

- John Romero

My Skills

Software Development

Data Structures



C + +

Web Development





Tools & Technologies

Java Swing

Apache POI


JBoss / Wildfly


Apache Tomcat






MS Office

Additional Skills





Honors & Awards

* CodeChef Profile : mehul_dholiya

* Achieved 4 Star Rating on CodeChef by Solving Programs/Codes in various Competitions.

* Total 100+ problems solved on codechef till now & solving more..

* Learned lot's of new Algorithms and Data Structures.

* Position : RUNNER UP

* TECHITHON 2016-Inter College Competitive Programming (coding) Competition organised by Atharva College of Engineering | 27th SEP 2016 on Codechef.

* College Position : 1 / 24

* Global Position :296 / 11722

* Score : 630/800

* Date : march-2018

* SEED IT Idol is a Competition based on 'C' programming and computer fundamentals conducted by SEED Infotech.

* Position : Top 35 outof 17000 students.

* Date : march-18


* Won the Medal of Merit for being in top 35 students among 17000 (approx)students selected over all across Mumbai for final round of Mumbai Site.

* SEED IT Idol is a Competition based on 'C' programming and computer fundamentals conducted by SEED Infotech.

* Position : Finalist outof 21000 students.

* Date : march-17



The objective of this project was to learn backend programming using PHP & XAMPP server.

MyMobile is a web application which provides a platform for customers to buy mobile phones online. This website provides a filter option to the Customer for searching specific mobile. Customers can search mobiles by Price-range, Brand names and Based on Ratings.

MyMobile is implemented using HTML, CSS & PHP.

- HTML & CSS is used for layout.
- PHP is used for backend.

Kohinoor's Maker

Desktop-based Application Written in JAVA, Useful for Diamond workers to manage their work records and calculate daily as well as Monthly incomes.

Technologies Used :

- Apache POI

DataBase For Training & Placement Cell

Objective of this project was to implement dynamic web Application, To learn backend programming using PHP & XAMPP server and also to learn applications of Google charts for websites.

Student’s Database System is built for managing student’s data for Training & placement cell of college. It is a dynamic web Application which provides an admin dashboard to admin which has multiple options for managing student data. Admin can add or delete records of students. For searching a record of the student, there are multiple options are available. This application supports Searching students by branch name, Year and Field.

This project is implemented using HTML, CSS, PHP & Google Chart services.

- HTML & CSS is used for layout.
- PHP is used for backend (establishing sessions, retrieving data from data base).
- Basic Java Script is used for form validation.

Portfolio Website

This website is implemented using HTML,CSS,Basic Bootstrap and Google Chart.

❝ Everyone should know how to program a computer,
because it teaches you how to think! ❞

- Steve Jobs

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